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Thursday, December 31, 2009

tido~tido~ oyasuminasai........

assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon, morning, or evening hahaha... night also to all my fellow friends... today, i have a very special topic to be shared with
it is crucial for me.. and
might be important to you...too...

yeah... Sleep Disorders...

to be truth, yeah...i always feel sleepy especially in the class..
it's really disturbing me and i hate it a lot!!!!!
d*mn it!!!
so, i really really really want to share about the article i got from MUET's class

generally, there are 3 types:
2.sleep apnea

INSOMNIA= the inability to fall asleep, which is the most common sleep problem happened..
effect : i) feel tired most of the time
ii) often become irratable, short-tempered and impatient

SLEEP APNEA= a disturbed sleep (periodical pauses of breathing during sleep)
effect: i) often feel fatigue
ii) intense daytime sleepiness

NARCOLEPSY= excessive sleep which causes a person to fall asleep uncontrollably all day long for periods lasting less than a minute to more than half an hour... kekeke
effect: i) imagine yourself maa.....

normally, we need around 8 hours of sleep to ensure optimal alertness and efficiency.
children, active teenagers: 8-9 hours
baby: 10-14 hours

so, think of urself... do u hav any of these???
i do hav... kekeke
help me~~

1 comment:

ainadira said...

kak bie ade ek??hahaha
yg mne 1??