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Friday, December 18, 2009

~LapTop Ku Si BloSsOm BeE~

kekeke... i was so0o excited using my own new laptop
named... BumBle BeE... if i'm not mistaken
actually, my sis was to fascinate with the name of this laptop b4 i changed it..
Blossom Pink...
try guess... it's actually pink in color..
kekeke.. brand Dell
too cute for me...
and i'm never expect that one day i'll having a PINK laptop..
now i realized that i'm a girl... and kind a very girlish type...
is it??.. oh no~~~~


Asilah said...

uw pink.. boleh jadi laptop buncit :D

nur shafaah said...

cam laptop ak seyh..
tp kaler ak itam..
cumelnye kale pink!