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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

kursus pengurusan kelab, persatuan and jkm

huhuhu... x sangka dah abes dah holiday ku d desaru~
aish,,act, it's not a holiday..
kind a seminar need to attend..
ganti sal as bendahari.... huhuh
i hate treasurer nye keje!!
account, data, invoice, d/o, l/o, penajaan, pengecualian cukai,

yang pegi untuk wakil jkm ktf
1. nurul (wakil pengerusi)
2. MeEe!! (wakil bendahari)
3. faiqah (s/u)

we're so happy to be there.. esp nurul
sonox gile die njoy pantai,,,,
pe2 pun... nnti all of us need to xplain everything we've got from the seminar to everyone else in da jkm.. hopefully i can explain it in detail..
(xboleh kot.. x phm agi term2 bendahari ni!!)

so, conclusion for the day,
we've spent at desaru about 3 days and 2 nights.
place: desaru holiday chalet..very comfort and nice place..
not a five stars of course....
very windy and have a fantastic view of beach.. pretty!!
live in a chalet of one room only wif an air-con inside..
share wif 4 people....x sempit pun~
yeah.... from left: is, intan, me and nurul...infront of chalet 19

then for the pengisian..
we've En.Fuad, En.Rashid, Cik Nurazlin, En.Haron, En.Romli and En.Farid as the fasilitator and the penceramah for the talks....
they all from HEP... very kind and friendly
and understanding...but tegas rrr

3 nabilahs, nurul n mr.farid.. captured by: mr.rashid

huhu but sad about one thing... i dun hav any pics for my group..
so...i need to steal from the facebook!! glad i have it.. thanx cla!!
huhu.. the members are.. leader: syeb (s/u KTC), hazman (MPP), syuk, lee (PMB), fareez (TP JKM KTDI), sufian, hani (bend. JKM K11), tasneem ( bend. iqra'), jas (bend.FPPSM), chai (PMB), parvin, ris (CGMA) and jini (CGMA).. hope to see u guys again!!

alamak... it's to0o late now and i haven't touch on the revision papers yet..
so, for the overall report, i attached pics for some review..
done talking over here....

mereka yg xcited bergmbr~

saadah menari lagu monyet~ keke

me!~ budget ayu!

farah..posing jek keje...

yeah~ raihan n iqa... teman ku d meja