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Monday, November 16, 2009

♥HanG OuT @ KoSmos WorLD♥

~najhan, dibah, nadia, naza, umai, bee, heka~

last saturday, wahwahhhaha me n my x-5o4 having fun a lot!!
wahaha 4 da first time in my life.. i played those crazy machines @ amusement park.. yeah.. each game kinda make people wanna throw up a lot..
esp... DNA...huhuh owh please... Alhamdulillah we had'nt lunch yet!!! if not... every1 gonna "bleh" right on da seats!!....
then, we enjoyed so0o muc roller coaster... hammer?.... yeah spinning2..(oh no..i dun really remember da name....), bumper car and another spinning2...(in the air part) wakakaka

nak gambar kah rakan2.... click this!
any probs...text me via fon k!!

1 comment:

Asilah said...

bazir duet kerajaan lagi