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Monday, June 28, 2010

bakti siswa

hahahha.... nampak jek post from k.anna, and  also qla makes me wanna write sumting also about bakti siswa from my own experiences... haha very different from others peserta.. hahaha..
well.. some info about this programme.. hurm.. actually, we the JKM KTF were organizing the khidmat masyarakat programme and also adopted family... it's have been a month since the programme have been held at Chenor, Temerloh, Pahang... the village we living is called as Kampung Huma Luas.. very peaceful and villagy~ eventhough there are lots of rumah batu, but i'm glad that i can feel the villagy style as i got Mr. Yazid's family as my adopted family together with zati.. from 4th june till 6th june.. yeah~

hahha.. very much in love as i'm living in tok ayoh and tok mok house.. rumah kayu~ wee....sejuk sangat.. that time, their son is living together.. my adopted brother is abg yusri aka abg yus aka abg yie... hahahhahahha banyakkan namanyew... xtaw nak panggil per.. my adopted sister aka peserta gak... is zati... very cute and lovable~ heeee

okay...during gerak kerja... it was really miserable.. i got the position as timbalan pengarah program @ TKO... (timbalan ketua operasi) huhu... sonox! but u know, the responsibility is very big! i got the task to handle the sumbangan from kementerian and also for the transfer technology part... we're doing the rain H2O harvesting system... and the advisor is PM Dr. Rahim.. pengarah IPASA... from civil engineering faculty... kot... ke science faculty....hahaha.. thanx to syafiq ansd kawan2 die gak! hee~ sonox gak time gerak kerja... hahah 1st time men rounders! p batu pahat nek kete ramai2... k.tqa drive...huhuhu very scary....then bbq! karok all da night ja...

as the programme was running... a lot of activities i can't participated on... huhu need to handle the rain h2o harvesting at surau with abg yan, abg mir and also my kind big adopted brother~ i got sore throat.. huhu it's very very painful to speak out... but i just ignored it... if not, the tech can't be transferred properly rrr.. huhuhu.. its really fun to hang out with penduduk kampung... hehehe....

hurm... dun even know what to tell anymore... hahahahhaha 
ikan paten~ nyummy!


Fee dAs said...

haha!! muke x bley blah je tyme explain bnd tue~~ xD

BeE~BiE said...

hahahaaahahaha... kl rr ko gnti tmpt aq, muke ko msti poyo gle kn??

Fee dAs said...

tp xde la sepoyo muke ko kot~~ :P