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Saturday, September 12, 2009

wahahha...di rumah mira....

yeah~ hari ni aku overnight kat umah mira(with the white tudung)... x-klasmet aku plus my x-deskmate gak... luv her so muc....

her family is awesome.. with her caring mom n luvly father... her kecoh sisters... havoc!! havoc!!.. buke td pun mkn sodap... ader soto hurm..lazat~, mashed potato..(secret recipe that i got today!!!), mihun goreng...(so sorry x dpt nk mkn sbb kenyang sgt..).. drinks..:: air orange also with durian belanda maa... sodap2~~

haa... talking about the mashed potato's recipe.... it was actually only 4 the kuah... very delicious.. mira got the recipe from amalia when she had her foundation in UPM a few months b4...
so.... let's try k!!!

Kuah Mashed Potato

2 sudu besar butter
2 sudu besar tpg gandum
500ml susu cair
1/4 cwn air
1 sudu teh black pepper
1 sudu chicken stok

Panaskan butter api kecil
Masak tpg smpi brown sikit
Kacau slalu guna fork/whisk
Campur yg lain2
Masak smpi pekat sikit

special for mira~~....
nnti bile dah smpi mesir..belaja leklok..
jgn lupe kte2 di sini...
nnti sblum fly, kol rr kte... keh keh keh...


C-lah said...

asek org laen kol dye jek.. heyh

BeE~BiE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

thanx yeah
hope u njoy n x serik utk dtg umah kte
thnx 4 da cute little pencil..
insyaAllah will bring it 2 mesir..
all the best

Anonymous said...

bee,,dh ade org mesir view ur blog lom??

BeE~BiE said...

huh?.. xde pun~ ni mira ae??

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