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Friday, September 11, 2009

Yeah~beginikah life as a CHeMisTry's student???

sungguh rr aku x caye.... i'm a CHeMisT to be????
a BaCheLOR SciEnCE's student???
and yet..waha3... a cute little girl..+_+

i admit dat it is hard to be a degree mahasiswi at UTM.... but some people said..
"wah~ bestnye.. sekejap jek dah jadi budak degree!!!"
"jeles rr.. ko bleh rr grad awal..."
"pandainye ko~!!"....then i replied," ouh~thank you2, u all pun pandai gak!!"

but the facts is... wahaha i got a mental distraction..???
how was it??..hehehe...
  • my focus in learning dis stuff had been distracted..
  • i want to do something enjoyable but then i'm very sure forgot to study maa..(common~)
  • sometime i love to dance crazily and singing loudly..(i dun care about my neighbours at all!!)
  • i sleep whenever i feel sleepy...
  • i dunno how to study without disturbing others..wahahahaa
  • i slept a lot in class especially IMath's class...
  • haa...i think i lose my energy a lot..tired all day till night..(i dunno what i've done??)
  • etc... mls nk pk ayat..
aku bace buku tanpa kefokusan yang telus.. infact, buku yg aku bace pun terbalik..

wahaha...even i had so0o0 much mental distraction, but i luv myself when being wif my frens.. luv you all so muc muc muc!!! wahaaha.... but please..don't ignore us..we just having a minor mental distraction okay~~~

aku lakukan mental distraction rehabilation....... wahahaha

merenung masa depan... adakah kami akan kembali ke tahap mental yang normal??

the best way ever to increase mental distraction~ makan makanan berkhasiat~!!

haa.. nilah rupe2 yg ade mental distraction....

wahahah... amal n clah pun.. sowi rrr i'm always disturbing u guys!!! love u both so0o0o muc muc muc!!!!


C-lah said...

bee-bee sukeeeeee kaco claaaaaah!! smpai org dpt mental distraction tau takk!! hekkk rindu bee jugeeeeeeeeee.... =P

C-lah said...

nak komen lagi sekali.. bee-bee fishiee tu comel lorhhh!! nak gak ikan tue..... (cmne lebah bole bela ikan ek? agak musykil)

BeE~BiE said...

heish cla nie... ini lebah banyak hebat ouh...