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Saturday, March 27, 2010

hurm.. MASA~ kool

yezza!!! alhamdulillah MASA... Malam Anugerah Srikandi KTF telah berjaya diadakan di DSI...on 22nd feb..
gladly everything ran smoothly eventhough there were some problems happened b4 and during the dinner.
keke.. i was a chief in special task unit where we need to prepare for the gimmick and also for the official photographers on dat night. huhuhu.. i'd done the gimmick where the cactus in a small 'pool' became the symbolic for the night at the oasis which was the theme for that night. in fact, the most happening event that night was the singing performance from imran ajmain... a singer from singapore~~ he's cute, nice and very polite! (pn.k ske sgt die~ :D).. malu lah jumpe die... xtw nk ckp pe.... juz tersempat ckp "sedap" then he replied, "trima kasih"... huhuhuhuhuhuh. in addition, the table gift die very2 cute.... it is a cactus!! huhuhuhu... no cactus for me as i'm the ajk, so, we need to sacrifice for the sake of para hadirin yang hadir... hohoho... len kali x mo lah bg goodies yg comel... nnti suma nak berebut... so, overall, i dun have much comment but i do think that it can be even better if we have a good move and strategies.... dats all for MASA.... :)

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